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The S9 adds a blood pressure reading. They call it "heart load factor. You'll still need to consult your doctor for medical advice, or for monitoring a condition. In addition, Samsung has partnered with UCSF to share your blood pressure information, and can monitor your stress levels to give you guidance for lowering your blood pressure.

The Dolby Atmos codec supplies degree sound. It's turned off by default, but you can toggle it on for richer audio.

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Pull down quick notification settings to toggle it. This is a new feature and a new option for the S9. You can also touch and hold to switch among settings, like automated settings based on what you're watching, movie, music or voice -- like a speakerphone call. There are a load of tricks that aren't new for the S9 or S9 Plus, but if you're switching from a phone that predates the Galaxy S8 or a different brand, they could be new to you.

The Galaxy S9's second camera lens the telephoto makes portrait mode possible -- Samsung calls this Live Focus. What makes this different from other phones is that the S9s and Note 8 before it will save both the depth-of-field portrait and the full shot with the background unblurred. You'll have the option to use them both. This is old hat for longtime Android users, but a good tip for first-timers.

1. Make the screen even sharper.

Shrinking the weather widget -- press and hold to select, then drag a corner -- will give you up to eight more app icons for the home screen. You can also delete the widget entirely. Ever wished you didn't have to stretch your hand so far to reach the camera shutter button? You can actually drag it anywhere on the screen.

You can softly blur the background of food shots from the inside out with a tool called radial blur. Food mode existed in previous Galaxy phones, but it's much easier to find on the S9. You can also adjust color tone to make shots look warmer or cooler.

A quick way to flip between your current camera mode and the one before is to swipe up or down on the screen from within the camera app. You don't just switch between front and rear cameras -- you can switch this way between modes in just the front or rear cameras. Double-tap the dot on the navigation bar to hide it. For a subtly tinted navigation bar in light green, pink, purple and so on, head to the Settings. There's not really much of a difference and I prefer the Galaxy S8's much brighter color options. If you tuck away notes and files into Secure Folder for safekeeping, you can now use any fingerprint, along with your iris, a PIN, pattern or password, to let you in.

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That means you can unlock your phone with your pointer finger and unlock Secure Folder with a different digit. Samsung Pass can offer to remember and autofill certain fields in apps. This is great news if, like me, you've found past Android devices too large or uncomfortable to hold. The tapered edges add another level of comfort and I found it just as comfortable to hold and use with one hand as my iPhone 6.

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But my favorite thing about all the screen real estate is that it makes the multi-window feature on Android Nougat usable. On smaller Android displays, I don't find multi-windows usable, but on the S8's taller display, I had more than enough room to make use of the feature. Once I got the hang of the different gestures, commands and features, it became intuitive.

I used the feature to constantly float apps like Spotify or Google Hangouts in the corner while I scrolled through Twitter or browsed the web. I wound up using the multi-windows more often than I had expected, docking YouTube or Amazon at the top of my display while I kept up on a group chat below.

At this point, exiting and opening apps over and over to respond to messages or check notifications feels archaic.

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Android notifications have never been elegant, so that's why I was delighted to see Samsung's Edge Notifications; they are simple and stunning. With Edge notifications, a blue light travels around the edges of the display, which sounds cheesy, but it's aesthetically pleasing and easy to ignore. The subtle light is accompanied by a thin bubble at the top of the screen that displays the app icon and some brief text. It's far less intrusive than the standard Android block notifications and Apple's pop-up notifications, which can get annoying fast if you have an active group chat and you're trying to watch YouTube video or read an article.

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The Edge notifications aren't perfect. I'd like to have more control over the notification settings and even the option to turn off the Edge lighting in certain situations.

Samsung Galaxy: Level Up

And some apps, like Android Messages and Samsung's stock messaging app still displayed the traditional notifications with the edge notifications. However, these are all software fixes, and I'm excited to see what Samsung does with these sleek notifications in the future. This minimalism extends to the lock screen, too.

You can opt to see notification icons instead of the traditional alerts. To pull down the notifications panel, you have to reach all the way to the top of the Galaxy S9's display, which can be a reach for Galaxy S9 Plus users and its tall, large display. The basic default vibration pattern when you receive a notification is a long vibration.

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You can change it to something more noticeable, and some of the patterns actually create different vibration noises. You can preview the vibration patterns before setting it for your notifications and phone calls. The vibrations when you get a notification on Samsung phones are particularly intense. It's incredibly loud when you rest a Galaxy S or Note phone on a hard surface if you don't use a case. Even with a case, the vibrations aren't exactly subtle. There, you can reduce the vibration intensity for phone calls, notifications, on-screen taps, and hard-press taps.

The Galaxy S9 has a bunch of effects and settings that you might like for music, like Dolby Atmos that makes the music sound like it's being played in the room you're in. There's also the Tube Amp Pro option that gives bass a fuller richer sound, like you would get with a classic tube amp.

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Samsung also includes its UHQ upscaler feature, which can give music quality boost. It only works with wired headphones. This one's been around for a while on Samsung smartphones. It's called Smart Stay, and it makes the front-facing camera check if you're looking at the screen.