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Monkey Lane Hard Walkthrou One day when I am very rich Good riddles 3 Doors Parallel Worlds level 1 to 9 Walkthrough All the answers, tips, cheats, guide, and solutions you need to solve this room-escape game. Wait a few seconds before you exit and you might get a keycard from the TV. Shake a few more times and the whip will whip the sign to open the door.

Look at the arrow.

Walkthrough Level 20 for Can You Escape The 100 Room V

So look at these colors and read the word on it. This is the order in which you need to throw the papers in the bin:. I cannot get it right. But I do not play on a iPhone.

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The Home button on my Android does not seem to do the trick. The word ''super'' will appear above the title. You can start the game with special passwords that will enable special power ups. To keep things brief, the effects below list these as letters: You will not go to a specific level with these passwords, you instead start the game with the power-ups. The power-ups are: These will set you straight on the path to the good ending - each password below will already start you with the three magical items necessary to obtain the good ending!

At the main menu, press Pause and the border will change to blue.

100 Doors 4 Free Walkthrough Levels 17 18 19 20

Now, enter any of the following codes:. To get all the levels, all of player 1's special items and most of player 2's use this password: Enter the select menu after the title screen, press the Pause button, the frame will turn from green to blue, then do:.

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First enable the Hard Mode code at the player select menu, then press the following buttons to enable these cheats:. First, connect an extra joystick in the Famicom's expansion port. At the title screen, press Up-Right in the extra joystick and Down-Left in controller 1 at the same time. If you can find a way of pressing all 4 crosspad buttons on controller 1, then you don't need the extra joystick. If done right, you'll hear a sound. Once this is done, you can press the following keys on the keyboard during gameplay to obtain the desired effect.

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  6. Unlockable Unlockable Beat the last boss without collecting the Crystal. Bad Ending 1 Beat the last boss after collecting the Crystal and in 1 Player mode. Book Mark this site you will need help in future levels. I have checked all levels, but if there are new levels or mismatch in answers, tell me in comments as this game updates frequently.

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    The Answers are off by one number, ect. Level has the answer cornmeal. I am gonna talk about level The answer you are giving us i.

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