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Share Tweet Share. Cases are just there to protect and hopefully sprinkle some style to our devices, right?

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At their core, they do just that obviously, but there are some that pack in more functionality to reduce the need for consumers to spend money on other additional accessories. First of all, the Enigma is a convenient and clever folding case that protects and props up the tablet in an assortment of configurations. More iPad mini cases to check out Best Apple iPad mini cases. Related phones PhoneArena rating:. Specifications News []. Rivals Photos. Size it Videos. Threaded Chronological Newest first Always view all comments Save.

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Why is my Android flagship not getting updates for 4 years? Is 5G safe or dangerous?

Inateck TBP-IM Protection for iPad mini - £10.99

The new Office Edition expands on the original network edition , offering new security and enterprise management features, including remote authentication, proxy server support, and the ability to network-enable USB printers. It is currently available for pre-order and ships Nov. It holds an iPhone or iPod in place without adhesives, using a micro-suction pad — another micro-suction pad on the foot of the Milo Aluminum secures the stand to a surface.

The Milo Aluminum is available in black or white. Case maker Otterbox announced the acquisition of Wrapsol, noted maker of protective films. Both China Telecom and larger rival China Unicom have been waiting for approval from the Chinese government to begin selling the iPhone 5, and although government officials have been quiet on when such approval may be granted, Chairman Wang Xiaochu of state-controlled China Telecom suggested it could be right around the corner.

iPad Mini getting six new cases from Cygnett

In a brief interview on Friday, Mr. The release of Apple iPads and iPhones in China has typically lagged behind launches in other countries, possibly due to need to meet demand in the U. Apple has seeded developers with a second beta version of iOS 6.

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As with prior iOS beta updates, beta 2 is available as an over-the-air software update or as a direct download from the iOS Dev Center , and is accompanied by a new beta version of the Apple TV software, as well as an updated version of Xcode and the iOS 6. The new version is listed as build 10Bc; it is unclear what changes may be contained in the release. Apple has announced that it has settled its long-running patent dispute with HTC, bringing an end to a legal battle between the two companies dating back to March The dispute began with Apple filing a patent infringement suit against HTC alleging infringement of 20 Apple patents related to the iPhone.

HTC subsequently filed a complaint with the U. While the specific terms are confidential, the global settlement includes the dismissal of all current lawsuits between the two companies and a ten-year license agreement that extends to all current and future patents held by both parties. Notices indicate that devices are enroute to customers via FedEx with an expected delivery date of Friday, November 16th. Apple has started to air two new TV commercials for the iPad mini.

Four new iOS 6.

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Store with a shipping estimate of two weeks. Several recent billing plans also allow deaf and hard of hearing customers to use FaceTime. Additional pictures and comments. Apple has updated its Apple Store iPhone and iPod touch app adding Siri integration for compatible devices and rolled out its EasyPay feature to five additional countries. Apple Store 2. Three newly published Apple patent applications filed Thursday show some possibilities for future Apple devices. The first application examines a cooling system for mobile devices which could presumably provide options for cooling future iPhones, iPods and iPads.

The description notes that faster, more powerful processors could produce more heat within mobile devices and an internal fan within the device would alleviate that problem; air could be pulled into the device through an input port, whether it be a new, dedicated port, or an existing component such as a headphone jack. In a second application, Apple presented a new dual-mode headphone design which could also be used as a speaker system.

The third application involves a new design for multi-use packaging that would allow packaging such as plastic iPod touch cases to be re-used to store or display an item. Various configurations coudl be employed including an integrated hinge to support a lid which could be used to prop up an item for display. All three applications were originally filed on May 2, Spark Digital features Focus Control, which allows for low frequency sensitivity or a focus on greater clarity and detail in recording. A headphone jack is also present on the mic to allow for zero-latency signal monitoring.

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