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Is there anything I can do short of exchanging for another phone? Posted on May 7, 9: Aug 4, 7: Page content loaded. May 10, 7: That doesn't sound too good! I see you have already taken most of the troubleshooting steps necessary.

Let's proceed to the last few steps:. Can't hear through the receiver or speakers. You can follow these resources for information on backing up and restoring. For hardware issues, we will want to restore your device as new for testing purposes isolation. Jan 30, 3: Jun 5, I restored my phone as a new setup and that did not work. So then I tried your language and hearing aide suggestion, and it freaking worked!!!

I tried the hearing aide setting first, and got nothing. Then I did the language setting and it worked.

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After that, I thought I would try without the hearing aide mode on and it still works. Thank you for the tip! I still have an issue with my sleep button that needs to be corrected, and I've replaced the battery one since I purchased the iPhone 5 in November , but at least one of my issues is resolved!

Sep 8, 8: OMG thank you thank you thank you!!!! I have to admit I thought you were nuts Thanks again!!!!! Sep 9, 9: I was having the same problem with my new 5c. Restoring your iPhone on iTunes has worked for a lot of people. Here's how to do it. Once you are connected to iTunes, click on Restore. This is a full reset of your device so we should probably mention that you are going to lose all of your data including pictures, music and contacts.

Therefore it pays if you backup your iPhone data before you do this. It is also a highly effective way to fix any glitches your phone may have including problematic sound. Sometimes your iPhone can lose sound immediately after you un-dock it or remove the headphones from the audio jack. In this case, the problem could be completely hardware related. It can be caused by a lose wire in the connectivity resulting in no sound.

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There are several things you can do to fix this problem. Try the following until something works.


This can work especially if it is just a small software glitch and your phone kind of just needs a pick-me up. Re-plug and then unplug again. With the headphones unplugged decrease or increase the volume and see what happens. Therefore, brush off the dust from the dock connector and see whether this works. Dust has been known to trick the software into thinking your iPhone is still docked.

Low Speaker Volume on iPhone 5s: Here’s the Fix

Go to Settings, Click on General and then Reset. In the resultant window, Click on Erase all Content and settings. A red warning box will appear written "Erase iPhone. Everything on your phone will be erased so be sure to do this only if you have created a backup of all your content. But most importantly your iPhone will revert back to factory settings and your sound issues should be fixed. Aug 17, When the Call volume on your iPhone is low A low call volume can be a frustrating problem especially when you are trying to understand the other person on the line and you have to keep asking them to repeat themselves.

Available on: You can use it easily either on your Mac or Windows computer. Step 1 — Launch the tool in your respective PC to begin the process. After opening, connect your iPhone with the computer using the digital cable.

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After when you connect the device successfully, you need to select the 'Standard Mode' from the three modes given on the screen. Step 2 — After choosing the mode, it's time to put your device into DFU mode. To do this, just look at your screen and go along the instruction shown there. Just hit on the 'Download' option and you will get the matching firmware. Step 4 — After downloading, click on 'Start To Fix' button and your device will start getting fixed in a while.

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  4. It will restart later and be back to normal. In case the above tip didn't work, the next suggestion we would like to say you is to downgrade iOS to You can do this with the same tool mentioned above. Here is how to perform the process. You need to download the iOS After opening, connect your iPhone and go to the 'Standard Mode' as we did above. Step 3 — On entering DFU mode, you will enter the screen below. Don't click Download this time. Click on the 'Select it' option, and select the iOS Step 4 — After selecting,click Start to Fix, your device will be downgraded to the previous firmware successfully once the process finishes.

    Your iPhone call volume will get back to normal. If you haven't upgraded your iOS and still your iPhone call volume has decreased, you can still try the tips above in case there is some problem with your current iOS.