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One way the company is expected to do this, is via a program known only as Project Islandwood. For those who might have no idea what Project Islandwood is, well, it is a program that should allow developers to port their iOS apps over to the PC in order for them to work on both the desktop and mobile versions of Windows The software giant created a post on its blog that is designed to help developers port their apps.

Microsoft to open source its iOS to Windows 10 app-porting tool xuvebysoso.ml

The company highlighted the best ways to port apps, and also how to deal with problems when the apps have been ported. The post goes into detail of how Park got his iOS app up and running on Windows along with other important information. The Windows design guideline provides the break points for adaptive and responsive design. Microsoft should offer more insight into this aspect of porting iOS apps to Windows 10 in the future.

Several apps have already been ported through the Project Islandwood program.

  1. Microsoft to open source its iOS to Windows 10 app-porting tool;
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The software giant also plans to bring desktop x86 apps to the Windows Store via Project Centennial. Installing Android drivers on a PC should be a walk in a park. Continue Reading. Are you experiencing any form of lag while running it? Mobile App Porting Services to transform your business.

Porting apps to Windows 10

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