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Here is a brief change-log of the new version translated and adapted from Russian —. This FW can be flashed via J.

According to the developers this firmware makes the phone superfast and smooth along with full web browsing support. Opera Mobile and Opera Mini can now be used to access internet. Stay tuned for more updates on this. Be nice if the team behind this custom firmware were to show the Nokia some love.

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I was going to disagree about the lack of usability of Internet on symbian but further down the post you mentioned opera mobile and mini. They cannot do this with thier iPhones or Galaxy phones. Oh and well done on keeping us symbian fans up with some accasional reports like this. Great stuff. Thanks for your kind words dear! Indeed it will be highly appreciated if they work out similar firmwares for Nokia , N8 and other touch screen Symbian phones.

Hopefully they will! This is because of the Xenon flash of course. That is why once a Symbian fan — always a fan and I would forever be. Great news! Sometimes I still use it, without SIM card, for listening to radio or to connect it with bluetooth to a bt speaker or the handsfree system on my helmet, to listen to mp3, when riding motorcycle.

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The camera is ok and can take those pictures and selfies good enough for the web or whatsapp. And the graphics were quite nice. Unfortunately very few perhaps only N86 Symbian phones with keypad have got new custom firmwares. Nokia E72 was one of the most powerful fastest and amazing Symbian phones ever created. I still have one and its been my personal favorite also. I hope it also gets some CFW love from the Symbian devs. Meanwhile you can use SIStore to download some apps to fulfill the gaps.

Hi Shoaib.

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  • What does YouTube to Nokia N86 8MP Downloader support.

Glad to hear the news. I have an N86 and just flash the cfw.

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Like it so much, clean and powerful. The only question is that I need Chinese display, but it has only Eng and Rus supported. So is therw any method to install other language packages? Thanks a lot. I interested in buying the phone and flashing this Rom.

mig33 for nokia n86 8mp download

Hi dear, actually this is not my custom firmware. We have just reported it for our readers. For language related or any other issue you can contact the developers of this firmware. Name required. Hardware Dimensions Form: Display and User Interface Size: GSM up to 6.

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Up to 7 h Video playback time maximum: Up to 18 h Operation times may vary depending on radio access technology used, operator network configuration and usage. Bluetooth profiles: Design Colours Available colours: Indigo Black Personalisation Customisable profiles Ring tones: CLDC 1. Nokia Mobile search Adding more applications: Use the Download! Client Visit Ovi Store to download free applications to your S60 device.

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